How to Eat Heathly on Thanksgiving

How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving
How to avoid overeating and cutting your calories during the holidays

I know it’s hard to eat healthy during the holidays, oh I know! A while back I lost over 50 lbs and have worked hard to keep it off ever since.  I am also a farmer’s daughter and my family’s Thanksgiving spread consists of several kinds of meats, potatoes, sides, and desserts, all of which include lots of butter.  Although most don’t have the option of cooking a healthier meal, I would like to give some suggestions to help you eat fewer calories and avoid over indulging.  Feel free to comment with other suggestions as well!

How to eat fewer calories & avoid over indulging:

1. Don’t come to dinner starving:  eat a high protein breakfast and a healthy lunch or a snack.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Eat slowly.

4. Watch portions.

5. Avoid taking seconds, but if you must wait 20-30 minutes before digging in again.

6. Choose skinless white meat turkey, instead of high-calorie and high-fat dark meat.

7. Potatoes: avoid gravy and butter and instead use salt and pepper.

8. Reduce the calories of the meal by loading half the plate with vegetables or fruit.

9. Don’t get too carried on the appetizers, although they are very tempting!

10. Avoid high calorie drinks and limit alcohol.

11. Keep your stress level low & get plenty of sleep.

12. Take a stroll after dinner and catch up with your family.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean Abrahamzon says:

    Really good suggestions. Loved it.

  2. eatcookread says:

    I think that I’ll actually be attending dinner with a min sized plate so that I don’t overeat at Adam’s and then our house. Would you like to join me?

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