Do You Live in the Most Obese State in America?

I thought I would share the information below, published by, that I thought was very interesting.


Most Obese States in America


Do you live in West Virgina? If you do, you currently live in the most obese state in America and one in 3 of your fellow residents are obese.

It’s no shocker that all of these top states also ranked high in the number of diabetes as well. All numbers were based on a phone call that recorded their height and weight.

There is also a study on when measurements are taken in person rather than via phone, that these obesity numbers are much higher.  Click here to learn more about how people underestimated their actual height and weight.

If you would like to read the full article, click here.

According to the Gallup poll, the following chart illustrates the top 11 states with the highest obesity rates in 2010:

  • West Virginia, 33.5% obese
  • Mississippi, 33.0% obese
  • Kentucky, 32.0% obese
  • South Carolina, 30.3% obese
  • Louisiana, 30.3% obese
  • Arkansas, 30.3% obese
  • Oklahoma, 29.8% obese
  • Alabama, 29.2% obese
  • South Dakota, 29.1% obese
  • Tennessee, 28.9% obese
  • Ohio, 28.9% obese

The Gallup poll’s 10 least obese states are:

  • Colorado, 20.0% obese
  • Hawaii, 20.4% obese
  • Utah, 21.9% obese
  • Massachusetts, 22.5% obese
  • California, 22.6% obese
  • New Mexico, 22.9% obese
  • Connecticut, 23.2% obese
  • Montana, 23.3% obese
  • Rhode Island, 23.5% obese
  • Vermont, 23.9% obese



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